I revive bodies, soothe nerves and relieve tensions. I accompany you on your journey to rest and relaxation.

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About me


I am a Lomi Lomi masseuse. I found my way in life and I love what I do. When working in an orphanage, I was looking for techniques that would allow me to relieve the tension in my body and regain my emotional balance. As a result, I found Lomi Lomi massage that has a physical and spiritual value. I finished the Integrated Lomilomi advanced course at the Centre for Polynesian Healing Arts in Budapest. After a session with me, you will feel alive. Your whole body will become light, relaxed and taken care of. Book a massage and see for yourself!

Lomi Lomi massage

Do you forget yourself in everyday life and postpone your relaxation to the next day or even the next weekend?
Maybe your body is tense, you’re tired and frustrated with your work. You want to forget all your problems and feel the tension in your body disappear. You dream about a deep relaxation that will allow you to restore your strength. You want to feel light, fresh and calm.
When I give a massage, I follow your body and apply techniques tailored to your needs, which efficiently relieve tensions. Kneading with forearms, rubbing, stroking and lifting combined with smooth movements make you feel as if floating on ocean waves. In Lomi Lomi, I use ecological oil, which makes my massage even more pleasant. After the session, your emotions will be balanced, your body flexible and able to move freely.

Like Hawaiian kahunas do, I perform my massage in the atmosphere of love and acceptance. After our meeting, your body will feel like heaven to you. I welcome you with all your imperfections – you can feel safe and comfortable in my studio. Book a massage by phone or email and give yourself a session that will make you really feel your body and yourself.

I massage both women and men.

Lomi Lomi massage during pregnancy

Lomi Lomi is a relaxing, minimally invasive massage adapted to individual needs. It helps relieve many ailments common in pregnant women, such as pain, swelling and fatigue. Lomi Lomi gives you a sensation of balance, peace and trust. It is recommended especially in the last trimester or even around the due date. Lomi Lomi massage contributes to a successful delivery, relaxes your body, helps in dealing with fear and increases you trust in yourself.

“Visiting Marysia right before my delivery to get a Lomi Lomi massage revived me on every level, relaxed my tensed body, silenced my fearful thoughts and provided me with force and trust. It is thanks to that massage, among other things, that I remember the delivery of my second son as a beautiful experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Lomi Lomi to all future moms ?.”

Karolina Kaczmarska


Gift vouchers

Are you looking for a gift for a beloved person? Give your nearest and dearest what they desire – time for themselves, rest and relaxation.

How to order a voucher?

If you want to buy a voucher, call me or send me a message. Provide me with the name and last name of the person you want to give the voucher to. You can then collect a completed voucher personally, receive it by post or courier or via email in an electronic format. A customer has six months to redeem it. Ordering a voucher is always quick, efficient and easy. You don’t need to waste your time for lengthy shopping, but you are also guaranteed a unique gift that will make everyone happy.



Marysia’s touch is soothing, caring and mindful. Her massage sets a really blissful mood. I felt a little like I was on a boat rocked gently by waves of a warm sea. It was a great pleasure for the body. At the end, I received a wonderfully relaxing massage of my head, tired of racing thoughts. Thank you!

Basia Ciemięga

I wholeheartedly recommend the Lomi Lomi Nui massage by Maria. Relaxation, unexpected answers to my questions that came to me after the session, deep peace of mind. Maria cares for her customers’ comfort and mood – I really like when a masseuse has such an attitude. I felt deeply relaxed and that was just what I needed.

Anna Orlik

A massage by Marysia is an extraordinary experience. I think it will appeal both to those overworked and stressed and to those relaxed and calm who want to further regenerate their mind and muscles.

Kasia Wachowicz

A wonderfully pleasant relaxation in a unique atmosphere – I really recommend this massage! Marysia is great at what she does and really dedicated to making a customer feel comfortable during the session. I highly appreciate her finding the time to talk before the massage, to explain what it look like as well as to ask about health issues and body parts she should not massage – thanks to this, her sessions are fully adjusted to the customer’s preferences and needs.

Krystyna Szurmańska

In my studio, I cooperate with experienced masseuses who perform not only Lomi Lomi massage, but also Kobido facial massage and Access Bars relaxation sessions.

In the studio, a down payment of 100 PLN is required.
If a visit takes place as planned, the down payment is included in the price of the massage. In case of cancelling your booking less than 24 hours before the planned session, the down payment is non-refundable.

Book a session:

Phone – 737 339 184
E-mail: kontakt.mam.siebie@gmail.com


Mam Siebie
Bracka 18/46A, Warsaw
Stairwell IV, number 250, entrance through the yard


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 10:00­­–21:00

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